A walk in the woods

by John Kirsch September 25, 2018 2 Comments

Like all great ideas, it started with a walk in the woods. The coastal rain-forest of the Olympic National Park to be precise. My brother and I had spent the entire summer thru-hiking the Pacific Northwest Trail and our father had just joined us for the final stretch. The first day of hiking was spent catching our father up on how our trip had gone; the people we had met, the peaks bagged and rivers forded, the best stars and, of course, the best burgers of the trip.

By the time we arrived at our campsite, the mouth of the Hoh River in picturesque Olympic National Park, conversation turned towards the future. What was next for us after finishing the hike? 

Father and sons sit around campfire

We took stock of our skills and experience. My father had worked in the apparel industry his entire career. My grandfather had successfully started and grown an outdoor apparel company in the 80's. Why not lean into our heritage and continue the family tradition? We passed the rest of the evening cooking over a campfire and discussing ideas. We had more questions than answers. What would our brand represent? What products would we make? Why should our customers care?

The next day we had decided to start an apparel company. We hadn't answered the questions pondered the night before but we had a vision. We wanted to build a company that celebrated the heritage and craftsmanship of an older generation. A generation when the connection between a customer and a craftsperson was revered. A time when craftspeople built products to last, to get better with use and with age. We wanted to create products that captured that story and embodied that spirit.

John Kirsch
John Kirsch


Co-Founder Kirsch Supply Co

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Jake Kirsch
Jake Kirsch

October 24, 2018

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the comment. We’re hard at work putting together the final touches on our pieces, once they are finished we will put them up so you can take a look.

We will be using this Journal as a way to communicate when new products are available. If you would like to be notified when new posts come out, please subscribe here – https://www.kirschsupply.co/pages/discount-sign-up



October 24, 2018

Send pics and prices !

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